The Mineral One SPF 50 Lightweight Serum


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Love this product ! Packaging not so much …

Im on my 3rd bottle! I really love how it wears under makeup and it’s safe ingredients! My only issue was I go through this in a month for the price and I’m not fully able to see if I’ve gone through the product because of the bottle. New packaging would be great!

Thank you so much for your feedback. We have noticed some comments on the packaging and are reviewing other options thanks to you and others. We are grateful for you!


Mineral sunscreen is usually very white cast and hard to blend. While this is a bit heavier, it’s extremely moisturizing and blends easily. I live in Colorado where it’s dry AF so this is absolute perfection!

We're thrilled you loveeee it! Thank you for your genuine feedback.

Hau Yin Yu
Ruined my skin

Too thick and sticky. Hard to spread and has a horrible chemical smell. My face is broken out badly right now. Totally regret putting it on my face!

Hi, could you please contact us so we can understand more about your experience as we strive to make our products very safe for all skin types? Please look for our 'Contact Us' info at the bottom of our US website. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience and we'd love to make it right.

High expectations… mediocre products

I thought because it was a small company, they would pay more attention to the little details like a chemical sunscreen that doesn’t stink like chemicals, or a mineral serum sunscreen that didn’t make your face feel greasy. Disappointed on both accounts. The daily moisturizer sunscreen absolutely stunk of chemical smell, and the mineral serum sunscreen was so greasy I couldn’t even put make up on. Not a fan.

We are so sorry to hear you had a bad experience. We are a small brand so feedback is definitely important to us. Our products are fragrance free, even free of masking agents so that they are least irritating to skin. We would love to make it right. Please look for our 'Contact Us' info at the bottom of our US website so we can help.